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Steve McKnight – Money Magnet

Steve McKnight – Money Magnet

Inflation and cost of living has left many people in financial survival mode, having just enough to keep afloat. But best-selling author and accountant Steve McKnight says that there’s simple skills anyone can learn to revamp your financial situation and move from surviving to thriving, no matter your income.

How to identify your means and how to live within them
Why you might be pre-programmed to fail financially – and how to stop it
How to attract more wealth by changing the way you think and act around money
A step-by-step guide for calculating how much you need in retirement
The real danger of Buy Now Pay Later and rewards programs
How to stop paying ‘lazy tax’ that costs you thousands
How to give your money meaning
& handy templates and checklists to help plan, manage and measure your wealth-building progress.

Steve McKnight is a Chartered Accountant, fund manager and respected global real estate expert. He is also one of Australia’s most successful real estate authors – his first book, From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years, has sold more than 200,000 copies, and its sequel, From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years, was also a #1 bestseller. 

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