Calling all sports fans! It’s baby season

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 They say you can never teach them too early and this absolutely applies to which team to support in sports games. Who to cheer on, what colours to wear and by goodness don’t oppose Luke’s favorite team. Luke shared a story of how he once checked in on a big sporting match on his phone at a wedding and wrote … Read More

What makes you feel silly?

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Life is full of serious and tough moments that people face every day but every once in a while something silly happens and we get to see the FUN side of life. Moments that bring us JOY and Laughter! There are many activities and things that we can do to bring these good moments into our lives. So we want … Read More

Useless skill or not?

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We are convinced that there are many skills we pick up and learn that turn out to be pretty useless to our daily lives, like algebra or the macarena. What we are curious to hear is if you have ever learnt to change a tyre, who taught you and have you ever actually changed one? And did you know that … Read More

Luke and Susie – Variety Show

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Luke and Susie invite you to their very first Variety Show! Join as an act or simply come and watch. All friends and family are welcome, with a wide variety of talents expected from singing to dad jokes. When: Tuesday 28 Sept, 6:30pm AEST Where:   On the online Community Catch Up Zoom with the password ‘leader’   For time … Read More

Add a little Nonsense

Samantha GrayDiscourse

This Discourse asks some seriously silly questions because what is life without a little bit of nonsense. We also want to know the most beardalicious facial design you have ever seen, as well as the best thing your father taught you… even if it was not how to curl your mustache into your beard like this dude.

Property, priorities, and BACON!

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It’s hard to resist the mouth watering smell of cooking bacon, the crispy gold crunch and the VERY yummy taste… But would you run into a burning building it? In this Discourse we look at the things most valuable to us, including bacon. We asks what foods bring back memories or if you like cooking. We also dive deeper into … Read More

I’m hitting myself because I’m Happy??

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One of the questions we ask in this Discourse is “Why do we clap when we are happy? If clapping is just hitting ourselves out of joy?” But we at Luke and Susie know that clapping is not the only way to show joy. So have your say and tell us what you do to express your happiness!

Tonight we get CHEESY

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As we all know by now there are many different kinds of people in the world. But our beloved Luke likes to be a bit extra different sometimes. Our listeners asked some great questions, and Luke… Luke had to add some EXTRA. 

I shot at my child

Luke HoltDiscourse

I shot at my child, and I would do it again. He was ten years old and he refused to get a haircut, in fact he had been refusing to get it cut for quite a while, but Susie and I had enough. I lined him up against the wall, put a single NERF bullet in the six-shooter and made … Read More

Does your Personality have a colour?

Samantha GrayDiscourse

 One of the questions this week is from Yolanda and we look at what colour your personality would be and why. That and more with this weeks Discourse. We have a jackpotting online shopping spree to giveaway as a part of the 10in10. Make sure you get to the end of the Discourse to find out how. Thanks for being … Read More