Royally tasked

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King Luke… Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? But of course with great power comes great responsibility. In this discourse you have the power to make great changes and we would love to hear what they would be. Give your most creative answers for a chance to be invited to the LIVE show and WIN great prizes.

Bonnie Black – Planning to Take Care of Yourself

Life gets busy and the To-do list grows, taking care of ourselves usually gets put off – but how you take care of yourself has a great impact on how you interpret, respond and accept the world around you. Little Miss Organised gives us tips on how we can plan to better care for ourselves because honestly – You are …

Crime Writer book Giveaway

Crime Writer book by Dime Sheppard giveaway unique review

Forget heart-stopping, goose-bump inducing or even mind blowing. We don’t want to hear any of the usual boring compliments. We are offering a brand new, SIGNED edition of the debut novel Crime Writer by Dime Sheppard that has been called ‘finger-tingling’. Can you come up with a more unique review? See more from Author Dime Sheppard at Fill out …

Turnip for corny veggie puns

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Everyone knows vegetables are good for you… But we don’t always share the love with our healthy foods. One way to form a better relationship with your beets is growing your own. Putting in the effort to grow and help your edible plants thrive makes that teeny tiny tomatoes SO MUCH sweeter. Do you have a-maiz-ing stories of your own …

Quotable-Zig Ziglar on Your Value

Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth valued worth ocean quote quotable

Listen to Luke and Susie’s take on this amazingly inspiring quote from Zig Ziglar in our #quotable segment. Comment your thoughts below. “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” Zig ziglar

Autumn leaves and Easter Eggs

Colour changing leaves and bright coloured eggs. The falling leaves are a beautiful reminder that all ends are a sign of a new beginning. From bright orange to muddy brown, the range of colours brings life to the season that sounds the bell of winter. And while the wind gets cooler and we all snuggle up to keep warm, Easter …

How to recruit the right staff for the right money with Christian Jobs

As I sit in business support groups one of the most common topics of conversations is the retention and recruitment of staff. Simply, the staff you have are wanting more money and more flexible hours and those you are trying to hire are pricing themselves (or setting conditions) beyond what you would expect to pay for their skills, experience, and …

Celebrities and celebrations

It’s not my story but an editor who used to work at Movie World once got called into work late one night (common occurrence) to start the process of editing all the shots recorded that day. Late night, dark sets, he drove through the boom gate as per usual and had to slam on brakes as a runner came into …