Tonight we get CHEESY

Samantha GrayDiscourse

As we all know by now there are many different kinds of people in the world. But our beloved Luke likes to be a bit extra different sometimes. Our listeners asked some great questions, and Luke… Luke had to add some EXTRA. 

I shot at my child

Luke HoltDiscourse

I shot at my child, and I would do it again. He was ten years old and he refused to get a haircut, in fact he had been refusing to get it cut for quite a while, but Susie and I had enough. I lined him up against the wall, put a single NERF bullet in the six-shooter and made … Read More

Does your Personality have a colour?

Samantha GrayDiscourse

 One of the questions this week is from Yolanda and we look at what colour your personality would be and why. That and more with this weeks Discourse. We have a jackpotting online shopping spree to giveaway as a part of the 10in10. Make sure you get to the end of the Discourse to find out how. Thanks for being … Read More

Dr Harley Rotbart – No Regrets Living

Susie Holt

With a title like “No Regrets Living”, how could we resist the opportunity to speak with Dr Harley Rotbart? In this interview, we explore how to live without regrets if you already have regrets and facing down the two regrets we have – the things we’ve done and the things we haven’t done.

1986 – 10 things in 10 seconds

Luke HoltDiscourse

A lot went on in 1986 and it is up to you to reveal the highlights reel of people, movies, music, and events. There is a chance for you to win an online shopping spree.

Calm Down and STRESS some more!

Luke HoltDiscourse

One of the questions this week is Ella looking for advice on how to calm down when feeling stressed. That a more with this weeks Discourse.