That’s WEIRD!

Luke HoltDiscourse

We are exploring your questions, including weird things we have discovered during COVID-19 restrictions.

Celebrating a birthday during COVID-19

Luke HoltDiscourse

Sarah has an 18 year old having a birthday during the COVID-19 time of isolation and that has devestated many celebrations. We want help to make this time special for this 18 year old and other like them. Fill out the discourse to help Sarah as well as many more of your topics and conversations.

What would you want in a Care Package?

Luke HoltDiscourse

While people are in genuine financial and emotional need, others are in a position more able to find the funny side of self-isolation or ISO as it has become known. We want to explore your needs for care packages plus a whole lot more if you click in and join us for the Luke and Susie Discourse. Grab a cuppa … Read More

Silvie Paladino, Fatai, Judd Field sing The Prayer

Luke HoltYoutube

So Silvie Paladino, Judd Field, and Fatai sing The Prayer, and Luke destroys it. Hey, that is just what Luke does. Simply put, Silvie uploaded the song as encouragement to people and Fatai added herself doing backing vocals, then Judd added himself. Luke saw the third video late at night and the tired creative kicked in, next thing we know … Read More

A Question for You

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We have a very genuine and very serious and difficult question to ask. We are sincerely unsure of what to do and we want your advice. Thanks for being a part of the Luke and Susie Discourse! Your thoughts, answers,and opinions are valued by us so much. Your phone number is NOT required unless you want to win, but we … Read More