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Today, my socially anxious son high-fived four characters at Dreamworld and cuddled one.    It was an ordinary moment that I'm sure happens regularly for many families, but for Royden, this was  a huge breakthrough.    I looked around when it happened each time and was shocked to find noone else celebrating, when it felt like my heart was going … Read More

How Good People Lead to the Destruction of Man

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There‚Äôs no shortage of global issues needing to be addressed and also no shortage of opportunity for the everyday people among us to have their say.  Social media has opened up a voice for many people to be able to publicly voice their concerns or stance on issues facing our world in a way that was not afforded the generations before us.

My Two Rebels

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The final Kindy Concert of our parenting career happens next week. 

In just over a week, we will find out if we have achieved something that only a few of us get to achieve:  an entire kindergarten career with twins without a single, active participation in a performance.

The Edge

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Well, the day finally arrived to face head on one of my biggest fears whilst fulfilling my charge to experience something new.  My fear:  Heights.  My new experience:  Standing on a glass floor nearly 300 metres above the ground on “The Edge” at the Eureka Skydeck.


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So, as we entered parenthood, so did many of our friends.  Now that the children are at a much more mobile and playful age, we have taken the opportunity to catch up with friends at play centres.


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The most decadent of my new adventures by far has to be this one – a day trip to Tasmania.  It was Tyson’s very first birthday and our very first trip to Tasmania all in one day.