1000 Steps

This is the big week – the week I face the first of my most feared challenges.  The 1000 steps have been beckoning since I decided to do a new adventure every week.  I’ve heard of it, had friends do it and have even been invited to do it before.  And Sunday was the day that I would finally face it head on.

Ringwood Lake Park

Some weeks are busier than others and getting an opportunity to do something amazing and new can be quite difficult.  However, as a mother, sometimes those natural opportunities present themselves.  That’s what happened this week as I visited for the first time Ringwood Lake Park.


The Dentist

Ok, so you’re looking at the title and thinking to yourself, “The Dentist?  Really?  A new experience?”.  Well, let me explain.

The Brisbane Lions

Another week, another new adventure and this week it was to attend a Melbourne event… The Brisbane Lions Family Day!

Fitzroy Gardens

So, it’s week three of my “Something Old Something New” challenge and this week I wanted an experience with my son.  Now, to be honest, when I woke up this morning, I didn’t really feel like going anywhere.  If I didn’t do it today, though, the challenge would be skipped this week and that‘s just not an option.  What I needed was a new experience that Tyson and I could enjoy without expending too much energy.  So, we headed into the city to the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens.

Strangely, I had never been to Fitzroy Gardens in the nearly four years that I have lived here.  I’ve driven past many times, but never took the time to go in and literally smell the roses.  Today was the day.


So week two of the “Something Old, Something New” challenge arrived and my husband took the reigns to provide us with a new experience together – Laserforce.  Though Luke had experienced it several times before, it was all new to me.

He had kept the “new adventure” a secret til about two hours before we did it.  When he first told me, I was so excited.  I kissed and cuddled my son Tyson goodbye and left him in the care of our faithful friend, Kristy.  As Luke and I got in the car to head over to place, I suddenly found myself feeling very nervous.


It’s week one of my “Something Old, Something New” challenge, and to kick it off, I’m going to conquer childcare.

Now, the reality is that my son, Tyson, has been left with babysitters before, but there’s a big difference between your child being cared for in your own home by a family member or a friend, and being left with a stranger in a strange place.  As a new mum, I realise that learning to leave my son with others is something I need to gradually settle into in the knowledge that in the future lies such things as school.


New Years Resolutions

Every time New Year’s rolls around, it’s time to consider what you want for the year to come as the big New Year‘s Resolutions need to be decided upon.  

As 2010 began this time, I can honestly say that I had resolved to do nothing.  No New Year’s Resolutions for me.  In fact, I believe that is fulfilling a previous New Year’s Resolution which was to resolve not to resolve anything again.