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Our gift to you is a FREE e-book and Christian music from the band The Kingdom.

We wanted to give away a gift, not just have a competition so we put together the e-book with ideas to motivate us to do something kind for others. That didn’t feel like enough so we also arranged a free digital download of music by Christian band The Kingdom called “Love Away”. It’s out gift to you.

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By entering your details in the fields below you are signing up to be send emails with free music and a free ebook. but we hope that's not the end of this story. By reading through the book and listening to the show we hope you get inspired to Give His #loveaway. 

To help mobilise that to happen we are offering the incentive of a family resort holiday at South Stradbroke Island. All you need to do is let us know how you give #loveaway. *

We want to make sure you never have to go through this crazy life alone, and here's how we commit to achieving that. When you join the community the following 5 things happen.

1. Win Prizes

Sometimes our guest will be giving away books and products, sometimes it will be movie tickets, or even better yet something huge like a family holiday.

2. Community

When other people are sharing their experiences -sometimes victories but often failures- it can make us feel less isolated and strange. Having access to the community brings that community closer.

3. Free Resources

We are committed to provide as many free resources, ebooks, guides, and insights to help navigate life.

4. A belly laugh

Sometimes we aren't able to hear the radio show or keep up to date with the podcast but the Luke and Susie community will make it easy not to miss the fun and entertaining stuff as well as the serious and practical moments.

5. Great guests, Incredible stories

The Luke and Susie show has amazing guests and with the link throughs from the Luke and Susie emails you will be sure not to miss out on the amazing insights our podcast guest have to offer.


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