Who would have thought a documentary film could be this mind-blowing and not boring, if you have not seen “That Sugar Film” yet we suggest you take your popcorn bucket now and start watching, not only will you get loads of laughs but tons of knowledge about healthy eating! Our guest on this podcast is the filmmaker, health advocate, author and actor who is also the brilliant mind behind this film, he is none other than Damon Gameau.
Once he only dreamt of being a journalist but now look at where his courage and perseverance brought him, not only worldwide success but he was also given an opporunity to wake people up to be more aware of what unhealthy lifestyle could bring if not stopped as early as now.

et0-3:45 minute mark – Luke & Susie intro and commercial.

3:46 minute mark – Interview with Dr. Justin Coulson of Happy Families, parent and children bonding and the benefits of parents who work from home.

7:12 minute mark – commercial.

7:43 minute mark – Guest: Filmmaker Damon Gameau, documentary film “That Sugar Film” which tackles the effects of food containing high amounts of sugar.

9:30 minute mark – “That Sugar Film” ought to be different from other documentary films, because of its life-changing lessons not to mention the special effects, car chase, burning the Sydney Harbour Bridge etc.

10:40 minute mark – Is sugar the hero or the villain in this movie?

12:04 minute mark – We choose to take in so much of this stuff (sugar) and then we get surprised of how much we become unhealthy.

14:18 minute mark – Developing fatty liver disease frim six (6) days of guinea pigging.

14:55 minute mark – Do not ignore the signs, gaining 1-2 kilos from eating so much of something like sugar can lead to a long-term problem and lifetime regret.

16:00 minute mark – Damon explains that a lot of people are misled by food companies just so they can profit, the packaging of their food products makes it look healthy but in reality these food products still contain high level of sugar which is still as damaging and harmful as other food products are.

16:57 minute mark – Luke shares his session with his doctor a few years ago, in his habit of drinking 2-3 liters of coke a day.

18:40 minute mark – What about the movie and the sugar book. “Sugar by half” is Damon’s term of reducing sugar consumption.

21:00 minute mark – That Sugar Film and The Sugar Book are Damon’s ways of helping spread awareness to people around the world, reminding us to be careful of what we eat and to educate people of the effects of consuming food with high sugar contents. Make eating healthy food a lifestyle.

22:00 minute mark – Damon’s courage and influence reaches worldwide.

24:05 minute mark – Damon’s childhood dream was to be a journalist.

25:03 minute mark – Achieve big things with humble circumstances.

25:50 minute mark – Damon was petrified entering the world of short films but turned out to be the thing he will mostly enjoy and the very thing that will actually give him the success he never dreamt of, with the full support of his wife.

27:10 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Damon Gameau, go to: Damon Gameau

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