Flawless Women No Show High Tea

If you met Kim Den Hertog now you wouldn’t assume a fraction of her past and brokenness she has had to deal with. In fact, an article in a Gold Coast newspaper about Kim started with the line, “KIM Den Hertog is intelligent, well-spoken and engaging.”

Her past though is graphic and confronting, filled with abuse, addiction, and a life we pray our kids never have to confront or encounter.

However, as life happens, sometimes our sisters, daughters, nieces, and friends get wounded. Kim Den Hertog so beautifully talks about this as a fractured heart which comes from trauma and abuse and the ability to mend these fractured hearts through hope, love and value.

This is your chance to communicate hope, love, and value to these fractured hearts of women attending the Flawless Women event. When you buy a ticket to the No Show High Tea and promise never to show up, your ticket price will go towards gifts communicating these women are loved and valued. To some women this will be the first gift they ever receive that has no strings attached.

Buy as many tickets as you want but everybody has to promise:

“I vow to Not Show Up”

Nobody has accused Luke and Susie of being normal. This is evidence of that fact.