Today on the podcast, we are speaking with author, Kirsten Alexander to chat about her second novel, Riptides.

Riptides is a thriller combining both crime and historical fiction. Offering insight into human indecision and grief in the face of trauma. It looks at what happens when our worst impulses take over and the consequences it could have. It really makes you think about how your life choices can have an impact on your future and others.

Abby Campbell and her brother Charlie are driving to their father’s farm on a country road when they swerve into the path of another car, forcing it into a tree. The pregnant driver is killed instantly.
Charlie is jet lagged from his Bali flight and too much beer. Abby is
exhausted from caring for her two kids alone while her journalist husband Mark investigates a nearby commune. They decide to flee the scene. But only once they drive away, leaving her body in a ditch to be discovered by police, do they realise who the woman was. As Charlie and Abby become further embroiled in the crime and are identified by police as being near the accident, the ripple effects of that night begin to shake the foundations of their family life and their futures. How will Abby hide the accident from her husband? How was this woman linked to the mysterious commune? And what will happen if they’re found out?