Episode 311: Shannah Kennedy & Lyndall Mitchell on turning chaos into calm

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Authors, motivational speakers and life coaches Shannah Kennedy & Lyndall Mitchell have helped many people and had successful careers separately. Now they have come together to form a new business and write the book Chaos To Calm: Take Control with Confidence. If you’re feeling tired, stressed, out of control, overwhelmed or suffering from low self-confidence, the book looks at 16 of the most essential … Read More

Episode 285: Stay-At-Home Mum Jody Allen talks budget shopping; Rowdy McLean on steering towards your dreams

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After being made redundant while on maternity leave and falling pregnant with her second child within months of having her first, Jody Allen started Stay At Home Mum on Facebook as a way to connect with other mums and share tips and advice. The Facebook page became a huge success leading to a website that has become a full-time job for … Read More

Episode 270: Louise Stephen – Eating Ourselves Sick

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Louise Stephen is a former business consultant who developed an autoimmune disease in her early thirties, which led to renal failure and a kidney transplant. After she recovered, she wanted to learn more about how she fell ill, so she started to investigate, using her business and research skills to find out what she could about diet and how it relates … Read More