Episode 276: Jessica Sepel – Living The Healthy Life and #quoteables from Maya Angelou

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Jessica Sepel is a clinical nutritionist and health blogger, but for many years she was consumed by guilt and anxiety over her diet and exercise, putting herself under a harsh and harmful regime. Following extensive study, Jessica learnt that a balanced approach to life is key to being truly healthy and happy – becoming a passionate advocate for the eradication of fad … Read More

Episode 270: Louise Stephen – Eating Ourselves Sick

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Louise Stephen is a former business consultant who developed an autoimmune disease in her early thirties, which led to renal failure and a kidney transplant. After she recovered, she wanted to learn more about how she fell ill, so she started to investigate, using her business and research skills to find out what she could about diet and how it relates … Read More

Episode 266: Dr Joanna McMillan – Get Lean, Stay Lean

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Perhaps Australia’s leading expert in nutrition and health, Dr Joanna McMillan completed a Bachelor Degree in Science with First Class Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics in Scotland and moved to Australia in 1999 to complete her PhD with The University of Sydney. She’s also a trained fitness instructor, with countless television, radio and press appearances. With her new book Get … Read More

Episode 257: Andrew Taylor the Spud Guy and Re-framing the Game

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Andrew Taylor made headlines when he decided to take up an all potato diet. Foregoing almost all other foods, his entire diet consists of the humble spud. 12 months on, we see how he’s going and if he plans to add any other foods after the year is up. 0:00 – Introduction 2:07  – Author Michelle Gibbings on the struggle of … Read More

Episode 215: Damon Gameau – That Sugar Film and Time With Kids

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Damon Gameau

Who would have thought a documentary film could be this mind-blowing and not boring, if you have not seen “That Sugar Film” yet we suggest you take your popcorn bucket now and start watching, not only will you get loads of laughs but tons of knowledge about healthy eating! Our guest on this podcast is the filmmaker, health advocate, author … Read More

Episode 120: Robert Pekin – Food Connect

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robert pekin food connect

CEO of Food Connect, Robert Pekin had a vision to protect local farmers, their produce and our health by democratising the food system. In this podcast, we talk about the issues that the farmers are encountering now, the disconnection between consumers and the food they consume and insufficient knowledge about the farmers who produce healthy food. 0-2 minute mark – Luke … Read More