Holly Ransom – advice on how to change the world from the woman who has interviewed Barack Obama

Samantha Gray

The youngest person to receive one of Australian Financial Review’s ‘100 Most Influential Women’ in 2012. One of the world’s top keynote speakers, CEO of her own company, Fulbright Scholar and now author, in her first book The Leading Edge, Holly gives a call to arms for people to step up and turn their restlessness for change into the reality of a … Read More

Colleen Callander -Leader by Design

Samantha Gray

We chat to former long-time CEO of Sportsgirl, Colleen Callander about her new book, Leader by Design which aims to inspire all women to have a voice, live with purpose, lead in their own lives, change the rules, live with confidence and embrace their superpowers.

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Samantha Gray

Since coining the term Activewear, Lorna has spent three decades learning, evolving, listening and leading the way in product design and the normalisation of wearing Activewear everywhere. Chatting with Luke and Susie, Lorna tells us how the brand started and what inspired her to start her business and how to deal with criticism along the way.

Jack Canfield – I CAN believe in myself!

Samantha Gray

Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul creator) and children’s book author Miriam Laundry joined together to produce the powerful new children’s book, I CAN Believe in Myself. Woven with themes of compassion, confidence and self-esteem, I CAN Believe in Myself can help the young people in your life turn their thoughts from “I Can’t” to “I Can!”

Casey Macklinay – Author of ‘Girls Don’t Lay Bricks’

Mel Fry

We love a good inspirational story and Casey’s is just that! Casey Mackinlay was a VCAL student with a bricklaying apprenticeship when she became a teenage single mum with no idea what was ahead of her.  In this podcast, we’ll find out more about her new book, Girls Don’t Lay Bricks.  Casey will open up about her personal journey and the life and … Read More