Michael Crossland – Kids Don’t Get Cancer

Mel Fry

If you listen to any of our podcasts, you must hear this. Today we are speaking to an amazing man, who has been a fighter since birth, defying the odds of surviving not only a rare form of life-threatening cancer, but being the sole survivor of a horrific cancer drug trial. His battle continues to this very day, having spent … Read More

Casey Macklinay – Author of ‘Girls Don’t Lay Bricks’

Mel Fry

We love a good inspirational story and Casey’s is just that! Casey Mackinlay was a VCAL student with a bricklaying apprenticeship when she became a teenage single mum with no idea what was ahead of her.  In this podcast, we’ll find out more about her new book, Girls Don’t Lay Bricks.  Casey will open up about her personal journey and the life and … Read More

Ivan Rudolf – The Life of John Flynn

Mel Fry

Today on the podcast we are speaking with Ivan Rudolf. He is the author of three amazing books about the founder of The Royal Flying Doctors service – John Flynn. We will chat about the heroic journey that Flynn and his band of friends took to open up Australia’s outback like never before. As well as  sharing the amazing stories … Read More

Episode 1223 – Tim Foreman from Switchfoot

Mel Fry

We had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Foreman from the band, Switchfoot on the podcast today. We’ll find out what it was like growing up for the Foreman brothers, how covid 19 and isolation has effected him and the rest of the band, what their new single “Joy Invincible” is all about. We’ll also find out how  he accidentally bought 3 … Read More

The Australian Kids Group, The Beanies


If you have kids and haven’t heard of ‘The Beanies’ yet, you’re in for a great surprise! They are an engaging and energetic Australian children’s music band who have just signed with ABC Kids Music and released their fourth album ‘Full of Beans’! On the podcast we’ll chat to Michael about their brand new single and video, ‘Quarantunes’ – showing … Read More

Episode 1220- Emma Watkins, The Yellow Wiggle

Mel Fry

On the podcast today, Susie is especially excited to speak with the ‘bowtiful’ Emma Watkins, otherwise known as “The Yellow Wiggle” or “Emma Wiggle” from the children’s group, The Wiggles. We’ll chat to Emma about their fun new song about, “Social Distancing,” how they’re dealing with isolation in Wiggle land, and the challenges they are facing recording a new series … Read More

Nicola Moras – Social Media in Dissemination of Information

Mel Fry

On today’s episode of the podcast, we are speaking with social media expert, Nicola Moras about how we can use social media the best way during this unsettling time. There is ALLOT of information online and many of us are being fed most of our information on social media. It can be hard to tell the difference between facts and … Read More

For King and Country – TOGETHER: A Night of Hope

Mel Fry

On this podcast we are speaking with Joel Smallbone from For King and Country to find out some really exciting news! They are no longer able to tour so they have been working hard on something special, a free online concert! Join us in your own home as they play split-screen for “TOGETHER: A Night of Hope.” They’ll be FaceTiming and … Read More

Sandie Docker – The Banksia Bay Beach Shack

Mel Fry

We caught up with our friend and author, Sandie Docker who just just brought out her newest novel, “The Banksia Bay Beach Shack”. We’ll chat with Sandie about why she calls herself a “pantser” and what that actually means (I think Luke can relate) as well as exploring the rollercoaster of what it’s like to be published and of course … Read More