Blessing Offer – Brighter Days

Blessing Offer - Brighter Days

The youngest of six siblings, the Nigerian-born singer/songwriter immigrated to the United States with his uncle at the age of six. Born with glaucoma in his left eye, Blessing’s parents selflessly sent their son to America in the hopes that he would be able to receive optimal medical care. Several years later, a powerful spray from a water gun damaged his retina, removing the sight in his right eye, as well, yet the disability has yet to deter him. Blessing doesn’t believe his blindness is a hindrance; rather, it’s a gift that affords him a heightened sense of attunement to the world around him. He also believes his Nigerian blood and immigrant mentality push him to work harder than any of his peers.

Though far from home, Blessing soon found that his pithy pop hooks were a square peg in a round hole in a Nashville that had yet to experience the musical diversity it holds in high regard today. So, Blessing packed his bags and headed for the Big Apple, where he spent the next five years cultivating his songwriting and musicianship before heading back to Music City in the summer of 2015.

Blessing’s been doing his own thing ever since. Spend five minutes talking to him, and you’ll immediately wish you had his perspective. There’s an intangible quality about him that’s contagious; a rare joy that only he seems to possess.


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