Episode 137: Dale Beaumont – Work two months to have one month off

Episode 137: Dale Beaumont - Work two months to have one month off
LAS-Q-Episode-Timeline0-2 minute mark – Luke and Susie spoke about the game they had which is bowling and then Luke told a story about volleyball.
2:17 minute mark – Introduction: Dale Beaumont
3 minute mark – Dale Beaumont is in New York and was interviewed on air, started talking about his app, the business advisor in your pocket and the value of business
4:45 minute mark – Luke sharing about the one of Dale’s seminar he attended where he felt Dale is different from other speakers whom he attended the seminars, Luke’s said Dale is someone walking the talk not just talking the talk.
6:04 minute mark – Dale answers back, it’s not all about the money, he said for the last 7 years he and his wife have been working but not continuously they always make sure that they get a time off (1 month off) to travel and do the things they love and spend time with love ones, he also said at some part that at the end of the day all of us dies whether were rich or not so why spend all your time accumulating, what really matters is that we get to the things that we love and that we spend time with family. Dale also inserted about Time Management. He also mentioned about being able to manage your business from the other side of the world.
7:45 minute mark – Susie asked a question about when Dale works and when does he take an off from working, 2-month work then 1 month off.
8:05 minute mark – Dale answered yes,
9:28 minute mark – Luke and Dale talk about how Dale , what’s her lifestyle in midst of while Dale’s working. Dale answers she’s actively involved, she has a home office and her wife does a lot of part on their business as she does finance and accounting, investments and insurances.
10 minute mark – Luke inserted Dale’s experience about the part he recording a video of the answer to for the purpose of not repeatedly answering the same question again, which technology plays a huge part in.
11 minute mark – Dale talks about the negative side of repetitive businesses and the advantage of taking the business to the next level. Dave talks about how to be productive with the help of a system that allows him to manage everything.
12 minute mark – Susie and Dale talks about the apps, the importance of apps in any business. Dales said apps are as important as having a website and that it is necessary for any business to have it’s own app to promote itself, dale also emphasized the power of Phone and apps.
13:30 minute mark –Dale introduces his app “BRIN” with the mission to help millions of business around the world to grow their business or to succeed through support, events, and mentoring. Each year Dale work to around 400 business owners. The app has now 500 business education videos all available for free through the app as well.
14:50 minute mark – Susie and Dale talk about sharing the knowledge instead of limiting it to oneself. Dale said he feels the need to share and it is his obligation to help people succeed.
16:24 minute mark – Luke and Dale talk about Dale’s success starting from a young age. Dale said success can be achieved by anybody with the strong desire to succeed and be prepared to stumble and work hard before he reached where he is now, work and play, play and work.
19 minute mark – Luke and Dale talk about people Dale met along the way with different views and ideas and his way of interacting with these people.
20 minute mark – Susie and Dale talks about the right time to start on a business. Dale answered there isn’t a right time, one should go for it and he advised people to keep their job first for 12 months while starting a business.
22:55 minute mark – LAS closing part. Exchange of Thank you and recap and Dale promotes BRIN for the last time.


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