Episode 150: Tony Dee say Yes We Can before the Olympics

Episode 150: Tony Dee say Yes We Can before the Olympics






For many, the name Tony Dee is not a familiar one, but after his appearance in a Paralympics promo, it will be!

Born with Spina Bifida and confined to a wheelchair, the Brisbane based singer was recruited to sing a cover of the Sammy Davis Jr classic “Yes I Can” for the UK network Channel 4. The promo features Paralympic athletes from all disciplines, with Tony wheeling between scenes. We chat to Tony about his life and the experience of shooting the sequence.



0-2 minute mark – Hint on today’s podcast guest: Paralympic Athlete/ Professional Athlete, Vitality Expert,. Luke and Susie.
3 minute mark – Luke and Susie introduces Nikki Fogden of thevitalitycoach.com. Nikki believes that one needs to think like an athlete to feel and look good. That one’s body is such a powerful tool.
3:45 minute mark – Susie and Nikki talks about what areas/body parts to work on and how do we do it. First thing get outside and get some fresh air, do brisk walking cardio for 15-20 minute session, do push-ups, sit-ups and lunges on the bench, do some stretches at the end, and then maybe add some jump-ups or step-ups on the bench. Cardio activities helps release positive endorphins which helps you make better choices, makes you brighter and healthier. Recap: very first thing to do is just get out the door and move.
5:17 minute mark – Luke and Nikki talk about the idea of a thread mill connected to the internet, the faster you go on a thread mill the faster the download speed.
Nikki emphasizes not to worry, one doesn’t have to be at the gym to exercise and stay healthy there are lots of exercise videos on the internet.
6:27 minute mark – Luke and Susie talk about how most people find ways just to avoid moving their body (lazy). Susie promotes healthy living/lifestyle and website. Last part of Nikki’s guesting.
7:40 minute mark – Luke and Susie – Paralympics. Commercial.
8 – 11:40 minute mark – Luke and Susie introduces Tony D. and his involvement in Paralympics.
11:41 minute mark – Luke and Tony D talk about Tony’s whole story, the start of his physical disability – Congenital disease, he started using the wheelchair when was 9, and his personal life (how he met his wife in a wheelchair dance sport). They both enrolled in a wheel chair dancing class and ended representing Australia in wheelchair dancing competition in Holland in 2006 and went to a couple of finals.
14 minute mark – Luke and Tony D. talk about how Tony overcomes and deals with people seeing and reacting on his situation, thinking he can’t do things due to his disability. Opportunities lost because of this.
15:22 minute mark – Luke and Tony D. talk how Tony feels about the challenges of being a person with disability and what was the hardest moment of his life that he went through because of this. Tony D. told that the hardest part was dealing with it in his teenage years and that he learned to cope with it along the way when he became an adult.
16:05 minute mark – Luke and Tony D. talks about Tony’s experienced feeling great on being on a wheel chair, his achievements. Tony D.: The commercial shot in London and suburbs with over 144 people with disability participants.
17 minute mark – Luke, Susie and Tony D. talk about the highlights of the commercial.
19 minute mark – Susie and Tony D. talks about Tony’s participation in Church Choir and service. Tony performs Frank Sinatra songs, he then also met Frank Sinatra in person. Tony discusses that he has a day job and singing is part of his leisure.
21:30 minute mark – Luke asks Tony D. what three (3) things he wish he could do (that a regular person can do). Tony D.:  Getting into places that don’t have much space and needs walking, like the London St. Paul’s Cathedral and the only way is to climb the stairs.
23 minute mark – Susie, Luke and Tony D. talk about technology. Tony D.: talks about the commercial he was in.
25 minute mark – Luke, Susie and Tony D. talk about advantages of being on a wheel chair like parking etc. Luke told the story about a guest they had who is also in a wheel chair.
26:30 minute mark – Luke and Susie’s closing and thank you part.
27: 19 minute mark – The looking on the scales and final weigh in for the 6 week challenge with of Healthy Body Australia with a $50,000 AUD. Starting weight and in-body weight.
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The Vitality Coach and Health Expert Nikki Fogden=Moore: http://www.thevitalitycoach.com.au/


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