Episode 152: Nathan Besser – Man In The Corner

Episode 152: Nathan Besser - Man In The Corner



Nathan Besser is a young author who started writing short stories and poetry at the age of 16. After school, he worked as delivery driver, security guard, clinical trial participant, hotel manager and call centre operator, all while writing freelance for various publications.

When no publisher would touch his first novel, Nathan became a small business entrepreneur, becoming involved in a number of businesses. Five years later, in a Tokyo laundromat – inspiration struck and became “Man in the Corner”, now being optioned for the Hollywood treatment by fellow Aussie Simon Baker.

et0-3 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro on guest Nathan Besser and commercial

3:15 minute mark – With guest writer/author Nathan Besser, author of the book entitled “Man in the corner”.

4 minute mark – Luke and Nathan talked how he did come to writing a book and how long has he been writing books.

5 minute mark – Susie and Nathan talked about Nathan’s first novel.

5:50 minute mark – Nathan talked about learning from experience and not giving up.

6:45 minute mark Nathan’s book used in a movie entitled “The Mentalist”.

7:20 minute mark – Nathan talked how his book was picked to be used in a movie.

8 minute mark – Susie asked Nathan how it felt like that your book got picked for a movie. Nathan said it happened before his book was published.

8:45 minute mark – Susie asked Nathan about his other jobs aside from writing books. Nathan has a restaurant delivery business and some associated delivery business.

9:40 minute mark – Susie and Nathan talked about his wife’s involvement on his writing.

10:10 minute mark – Susie and Nathan talked about subsequent drafts and substantial drafts. Luke adds what stops him on being an author and Nathan advises that when you want to be a writer all you need to do is to be an alcoholic (humorously), anyone can be an author.

11:10 minute mark – Susie raises up the role wives play in the success of their partner and in Nathan’s case.

12 minute mark Nathan agreed on the importance his wife plays in the success of their family and of his writing as an editor, mother and wife.

13 minute mark – Susie and Nathan talked about his psychological-thriller novel “Man in the Corner”, Nathan explains that the books is all about the choices a person makes.

14 minute mark – Luke talked about the part of the novel where the man in the story found something about his wife’s past and relates it to real-life and asked Nathan how he would confront if put in a situation like that.

15:30 minute mark – Susie and Nathan talked how much research were put together on this novel.

16:30 minute mark – Susie and Nathan talked the status of the film and Nathan said he is not directly involved in the making of the movie but he hopes to see the movie on the screens soon.

17:40 minute mark – Closing part.

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