Episode 157: Matt Golinski – A house fire claimed his wife and children but he lives

Matt Golinski
Episode 157: Matt Golinski - A house fire claimed his wife and children but he lives



Celebrity chef Matt Golinski had it all – a career as an executive chef, a growing profile off the back of his appearances on Ready, Steady, Cook and a loving family. But on Boxing Day 2011, his Tewantin home went up in flames. His wife and three daughter were killed in the blaze, Matt escaped with severe burns to much of his body.
With the help of a strong support network, Matt recovered, grieved and returned to the public eye, cooking and making appearances. We chat to Matt about the incident, his recovery and getting back to life.

et0-4 minute mark – Luke and Susie Intro, commercials.

4-13:10 minute mark – Luke and Susie guest Nikki Fogden (Health Vitality Coach) for health and fitness advice.

14-17:30 minute mark – Dodgey World of Sports short news update and commercial

17:35 minute mark – Olympic runner/Chef Matt Golinski.

18:43 minute mark – Susie, Luke and Matt talked about the website: Matt Eats Gympie http://matteatsgympie.com/ .

19:30  minute mark – Luke and Matt talked about being a TV Celebrity Chef. Matt’s road to stardom and his inspirations.

21:30 minute mark – Luke, Susie and Matt talked about the season where all chefs celebrities were gathered in a TV show.

22:20 minute mark – Luke, Susie and Matt talked about the episode where Matt spent time with young cooks/kids

23:15 minute mark – Matt and charities. Foundation H (charity that helps young people with disability) and Life Foundation.

24:30 minute mark – Looking back on Matt’s tragic past and how he was able to move on with his life.

26:00 minute mark – Matt as inspiration to people who went through tough times and his advices

28:00 minute mark – Matt’s assessment of what he went through in those tragic times

28:30 minute mark – Matt’s physical condition before and now. His mental, physical and emotional recovery

30:08 minute mark – Matt’s next goal. Probably join the Wynnum twilight run 2016

30:43 minute mark – Luke asked Matt’s if his sick of people or media recalling the tragedy of the past.

31:45 minute mark – Luke’s emotional reaction on Matt’s tragic experience, as a dad and a husband.

32:20 minute mark – Susie talked about how Matt inspirational journey.

33:00 minute mark – Matt’s incredible friends having his back, supporting him and helping him go through it.

34:30 minute mark – Susie asked for any new TV shows of Matt. What keeps Matt busy nowadays.

35:45 minute mark – Susie asked Matt is TV show something you would like to do again? Matt said yes if given the chance.

36:50 minute mark – Luke asked Matt for a special eating plan. Matt recommended getting/buying vinegar than wine instead.

40:05 minute mark – Susie asked Matt what is he’s go-to meal at home. Matt said fish and salad vegetables.

41:18 minute mark – Matt heading to Port Douglas (to cook)

42:20 minute mark – closing part.

To find out more about Matt Golinski, go to: Matt Golinski

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