Episode 159: Mark McCrindle – A Census, a pretend Gold Medalist, and refueling your mind

Episode 159: Mark McCrindle - A Census, a pretend Gold Medalist, and refueling your mind



Many of us find the Census to be a burden (especially the last one!), but for a social researcher like Mark McCrindle, the census is serious business! He tells us why it’s so important and what we can all take from Census data.


0-2:57 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro and commercials

2:58 – 5:00 minute mark – Dodgy World of Sports

5:01 minute mark – Luke and Susie and guest Mark McCrindle. They talked about census (done every five years).

6:00 minute mark – Luke and Mark talked about the difference census make in the government level of Australia. Government access census, planning for transportation, infrastructure, etc., funding depends on population.

9:10 minute mark – Luke and Mark talk about religion stats. Mark said it’s fundamental that we know who are from a religious perspective. The no-religion box went to the top from the bottom.

11:04 minute mark – Why hasn’t the no-religion box changed (despite of the controversy that it is in)?

12:19 minute mark – Susie asked if it’s that one of the answers that Mark is particularly interested in when the results come out? Mark answered yes, and explained that the religion question is the only part that is optional in the census they conduct. Majority of Australians tick the religion box.

13 minute mark – Luke: It seems to me that demographic become less reliable nowadays due data adjustments.

14:10 minute mark – Sample of demographic: parents with first born child/children at school. Mark said generations change over time.

16:00 minute mark – the changes on career on this generation. Mark said that the average Australian stay 3 years in a job/career.

18:00 minute mark – The number of students going to a university that campuses. Mark said its more about accessibility and number of courses offered in the university.

19:00 minute mark – How long to fill out a census form? Mark said it depends on how diligent one goes and how many kids one got and how many households living in one roof.

20:00 minute mark – Can we do it on facebook? (answer the census through facebook). Mark answered no, it can only be done through the official website.

21 minute mark – Chuck Norris joke J

21:51 minute mark – Susie asked Mark when will he do the census and what does he do once he is done with it. Mark answered he will do his census on a Tuesday night and it takes 8 months for the census results, after analyzing 24 million people.

23:01 minute mark – Why not host a census party? Mark thinking of doing a census party too.

23:47 minute mark – Will you have a census party once the census results come out?

24:07 minute mark – Luke imagining Mark a horrible to have a domestic argument with (humorous, for laughs).

25:09 minute mark – Luke talk about the church in Australia. What is happening in the Australian church and why are we struggling to connect with the people in our community? That 8% of Australian population are coming to church service on a standard month. Mark said that there’s a disconnection between the people and the church and the factors contributing to how people feel about the church and how the church should respond to it.

27:00 minute mark – The public’s view of the church.

29:00 minute mark – Luke asking Mark’s thoughts based on census results on how the church engaging with people.

31:00 minute mark – Mark’s thoughts based on census results on the number of christians listening to Christian radio stations.

32:50 minute mark – Closing part.

34:28 minute mark – Guest: Dr. Jenny Brockis refueling right! Food matters, take a break after working 4-5 hours and eat. Our choice of food affects how well we think and how healthy we stay.

35:45 minute mark – Luke: for our ability to think and to stay focused, is there a particular food for that? Dr. Jenny said that the best food for that are the leafy greens/vegetables, fruits like berries (helps on memory), lean proteins.

36:50 minute mark – Not all guys who eat those leafy greens, berries and lean proteins are the brightest ones. Dr. Jenny agreed it’s a matter of choice too, brains or brawn, we cannot have both.  She said make a conscious choice on what food we eat instead of grabbing fast processed foods. Processed foods are terrible for brains.

39 minute mark – Closing part.

To find out more about Mark McCrindle, go to: Mark McCrindle

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