EPISODE 160: Joseph Rojas – Cocaine, suicidal thoughts, and a song that saved a life

EPISODE 160: Joseph Rojas - Cocaine, suicidal thoughts, and a song that saved a life



Joseph Rojas is a former atheist who witnessed a domestic violence attack on his mother, suffered abuse at the hands of a babysitter, considered suicide, went through drug and alcohol addiction and was a convicted drug dealer – all by the age of 21.
It was his mother that first introduced him to faith and saved his life when he overdosed on cocaine. He found Jesus in the back of the ambulance that day, decided to get clean and found hope and purpose. Through meeting people at bible college, he founded the band Seventh Day Slumber and started releasing meaningful songs like “Caroline”.


0-3 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro (guest Joseph Rojas from Seventh Day Slumber and Doctor Justin Coulson)

3-5:05 minute mark – Luke and Susie and Doctor Justin Coulson talked about parents easily angry towards their children and making good and bad choices. Doctor Justin said there are pretty strong reasons we could step away from anger used a verse (Matthew 5) in the Bible where Jesus said that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause would be endangered with His judgement. We should not be angry with our brother nor with our child. Paul said in the scriptures we are supposed to raise our children with nurture and love. There are so many scriptures telling that anger is not one of the fruits of the spirit. Raising our children with the spirit we shouldn’t be angry with them even if they challenge us and do stuff that is wrong.

5:06 minute mark – Luke said being angry with our kids is not what we wanna do although sometimes they do things that sometimes infuriate us they give us reason so how do we turn it around because we know it’s how we wanna act, what we say and what we do when we’re angry is not the parents we wanna be. Dr. Justin said pretend to be Aunt Mary (humorously) just be her for a moment, if that’s not gonna work for you, pretend that the child who is challenging you is one of your neighbor’s children and you can send them home.

6:07 minute mark – Luke and Dr. Justin talked about humor how it is effective and changes situations.

9 minute mark – Luke and Dr. Justin about transition from being angry to funny.  Dr. Justin uses his mantra repeatedly “I’m gonna be calm and kind” until he begins to be calm. Use fun music to get everybody on a great mood. When our kids are ticking us off, instead of getting furious get curious. We should understand not reprimand. Children do not intend to make their parents’ lives horrible, maybe they’re having a hard time, and if they are challenging us, it’s not necessary for us to get mad which is where we need to work out with what’s going on with their lives and see if we can help them solve those needs they have.

11:27 minute mark – The Dodgy World of Sports (Rio Updates) plus commercial

15 minute mark – Luke and Susie intro, guest Joseph Rojas from Seventh Day Slumber and they talked about his journey (domestic violence, suicidal tendencies, depression, abused by baby sitter, drugs, alcohol, hurt, pain, crime, selling drugs, being in trouble with the law, aetheist), Mom gave her life to Jesus when Joseph Rojas turned 18 years old. Joseph Rojas committed suicide when he was 22 years old and at the back of the ambulance he felt the hand of Jesus and he surrendered his life to Him and became a Christian.

23:45 minute mark – Luke asked Joseph the struggle of changing and being a Christian and keeping from drugs after giving his life to Jesus. It was never the same and the struggle is still there, took Joseph two years from being completely changed and being clean from drugs. Not everybody’s conversion is the same.

26 minute mark – Luke and Joseph talked about his transformation. The man he was before.

27 minute mark – Luke asked how did it to go for Joseph from that life to being Seventh Day Slumber band member and touring the world. Joseph went to a bible college and met a friend who just wanted to write a song and named the band, they got enough money to do a four song demo and they were contacted by a recording company.

28:55 minute mark – Susie and Joseph talked about the story behind they Caroline song. His father-in-law who is a minister left her mother-in-law after 32 years of marriage for young good-looking woman. His mother-in-law’s story became his inspiration.

31:20 minute mark – Luke shared the story of a woman named Caroline who was touched and felt connected with Seventh Day Slumber song “Caroline”.

36:20 minute mark – Susie and Joseph talked about what’s next for Seventh Day Slumber. Joseph said they will have a missionary tour in the form concert “The Small town American Tour” in 35 towns across America, it’s been their 6th year doing this tour.

38.25 minute mark – Luke and Susie asked Joseph if they can do a small town concert in Australia.

40:30 minute mark – Luke asked Joseph what he can advise to people who are going through tough times. Joseph look to the one who created you, God, what your God thinks of you matter more than what others do. Closing Part.

43 minute mark – Song “Caroline” played.


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