EPISODE 549: Glenna Thomson with Stella and Margie

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Luke and Susie chat with Glenna Thomson about her new book, about the sandwich generation, pulling a calf. Stella and Margie by Glenna Thomson is a piercingly insightful novel about love, duty and a touching friendship that spans generations. ‘I love the story of Stella and Margie. It’s a poignant reminder of the power of women’s friendships.’ – Ita Buttrose … Read More

Episode 341: Comedian and master of ceremonies Mark McConville

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Celebrating 19 years on the comedy circuit, Luke & Susie came across Mark on their recent cruise. But they learned there was far more to Mark than his on-stage routine, so they asked him to come on the show. PLUS Alex Tselios tells us how intelligent women extend mens’ lives. 0:00 – Intro 3:22 – Alex Tselios from The Big Smoke 7:05 – #quotable … Read More

Episode 339: Director of the controversial faith-based film ‘The Shack’ Stuart Hazeldine answers critics

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‘The Shack’ was a popular yet controversial novel released in 2007 by author William P. Young. Ten years later, it’s been brought to life on the silver screen by Sam Worthington, Radha Mitchell and Octavia Spencer. Director Stuart Hazeldine joins us to tell us more about making the film and address concerns from the Catholic community. PLUS Rowdy McLean talks … Read More

Episode 338: William Reimer tackling bullying with his pen

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Adelaide author William Reimer wrote a story about a ferret that gets bullied for a Year 11 English assignment. He received positive feedback and a good grade for it, but didn’t think much more of it. After a few years collecting dust, the former cafe worker quit his job and looked to self-publish the story as a children’s book. We catch up … Read More

Episode 337: Life beyond the blue line – one former policeman’s struggle with PTSD

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Simon Gillard wanted to be a police officer from a young age. After achieving his dream, years of seeing horrific crimes left him suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Simon details his experiences in his book “Life Sentence: A Police Officer’s Battle with PTSD” and shared some of his battles with Luke & Susie. PLUS Annette Spurr on raising thankful children. 0:00 … Read More

Episode 336: Getting your child’s food balance right with Vanessa Clarkson

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Vanessa Clarkson is a qualified dietitian and a mother, who decided to combine these two passions to help other parents make the best food choices for their little ones. Her first book  ‘Real Food for Babies and Toddlers’ features over 80 recipes and aims to introduce babies to the nourishing foundation of a whole food diet, from their first bite. It also … Read More

Episode 335: Maggie Groff is not your average nurse

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To a young Maggie Groff, the life of a nurse sounded exciting. But once she started her training at London’s King’s College Hospital, she quickly came to grips with a demanding career. In her new book Not Your Average Nurse, Maggie shares warm and witty stories of mistakes and mayhem, tea and sympathy, and the life-affirming moments that make it all worthwhile. … Read More

Episode 328: Perhaps Australia’s most misunderstood Olympian Jana Pittman on the ups and downs of her career and life after sport

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Many know Jana Pittman as an Olympic hurdler. Others know her as a bobsledder in the winter Olympics (in fact, she is the first female to represent Australia at both the summer and winter games). Some may even know Jana for her off-track controversies over the years. The former sports star is now a mum and medical student, and she’s … Read More