Bruce John Holla

Susie Holt

When a family’s boat overturned in the Mary River with high tides, strong currents and potential sharks and crocodiles in the water, swift action was needed to save the five people who were stranded in the water. Along with two others, Bruce John Holla was awarded a bronze medal of bravery after being the right man in the right place … Read More

The Grizzlies – Director, Miranda de Pencier.

Mel Fry

We had the pleasure of speaking with the director and producer of this special movie, THE GRIZZLIES, see it in cinemas in Australia and NZ NOW! This isn’t just an amazing true story, or a satisfying sports drama. It’s a beautifully crafted, wonderfully inspiring, true story of hope, a rewarding movie that will leave you thinking long after the credits … Read More

Matt Bird – You Have a Book in You

Mel Fry

Today on the podcast we are chatting to author and business relationship guru, Matt Bird. As a child he grappled with dyslexia, before writing 12 books and is now wanting to help others become authors.  He believes everyone has “a book in them”. Matt was challenged to write a book during a conversation with one  of his clients, who is … Read More

Jason F. Wright – Christmas Jars

Mel Fry

On the podcast today we are speaking to Jason F. Wright, the man behind the new Christmas movie in cinemas now, Christmas Jars! The new film is based on his New York Times best-selling novel and has caused a real-life movement of anonymous gift-givers with millions of dollars in spare change collected and distributed to individuals in need. CHRISTMAS JARS has at … Read More

William McInnes – Christmas Tales

Mel Fry

This was one of our favourite guests on the show, he had us in stitches the whole interview, Logie award winner, William McInnes. We’ll chat about his new book, Christmas Tales, talking all things Christmas in his own hilarious way! McInnes shares his own run-ins with the Man-in-Red; starting as a teen working at Coles New World in Redcliffe and … Read More

Jazz Thornton – The Girl On The Bridge

Mel Fry

Today we are speaking with an amazing young lady, Jazz Thornton. Having overcome childhood abuse and 14 suicide attempts, Jazz Thornton has now dedicated her life to speaking hope and creating change in the area of mental health. She grew up in Timaru, New Zealand, moving to Auckland when she was 16. She struggled with mental health for as long … Read More

Joanne Wilson – Renovate Your Relationship

Mel Fry

On the podcast this week, we are speaking with author and neuropsychotherapist, Joanne Wilson to chat about her latest book, Renovate Your Relationship. Joanne has been working with couples and singles for decades to provide a practical guide to overcoming common relationship issues caused by increased stress. From self-awareness, communication issues, managing conflict, parenting and infidelity, this revolutionary guide results … Read More

John Baker – Stalin’s Wine Cellar

Mel Fry

On the podcast today we are speaking with a truely remarkable man, John Baker. He has an incredible true story that you will think it out of a movie! More than 20 years ago, Sydney wine merchant John Baker set off with his colleague Kevin Hopko to Georgia, a country which, at the time, was keen to get out of … Read More

James Nestor- Breath: A Science of a Lost Art

Mel Fry

We are speaking with breathing expert James Nestor. I never thought we’d do a whole podcast on how to breathe…we’ve been doing it since birth, but this is fascinating! No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, how skinny or young or wise you are, none of it matters if you’re not breathing properly.   There is nothing more … Read More

Debra Pascoe – Overcoming Grief

Mel Fry

On the podcast today we are speaking with an amazing lady, author and speaker, Debra Pascoe. Debra threw herself into writing during the first lockdown in April. And as she received the first printed copies of her book, Melbourne went into its second round of lockdown. Now, as Melburnians face each new day with anxiety and uncertainty, Debra Pascoe wants to share how … Read More