Dating, Daddydom, & Delirium


Clean Comedy is at it’s best in this brand new DVD featuring the themes of romance, marriage, fatherhood, and infertility.

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Fro fifteen years Luke Holt has been on the radio air-waves around Australia but not content with a studio, Holt decided to put another feather in his cap and take to the stage as a stand-up comedian.

In less than a year went from a novice doing a five minute routine to an established performer doing a sixty minute show that has toured four theatres in Melbourne, six shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and has been produced into a debut DVD.

“Holt involves his audience through gentle banter. The fun was cheeky, inoffensive teasing, far from confronting. He handles any curveballs with ease and incorporates the slightly stranger responses seamlessly into his scripted material.”, Colin Flaherty, Chortle.

Clayton Werner, from Adelaide publication ‘Rip It Up’, suggests that a part of Holt’s stand-up appeal is his ten years in radio combined with his distinct morals, “…as well as doing stand-up, [Holt] is on Melbourne breakfast radio so he has plenty of microphone and impromptu technique to bring to his comedy. And Luke’s version of comedy comes without the profanity, sacrilege and gutter talk that most Fringe comedy experiences will afford. Some of you are asking – does that leave anything thing to laugh at? Well according to his audience – yes.”

“delivered by such a charming and knockabout bloke.” – Chortle

For Luke, navigating the world of dating, then walking boldly into the realm of marriage before facing the daunting task parenthood has been wrought with significant ups and downs. His dating life started with a girlfriend whom he never actually spoke to. His now wife’s first thoughts when she saw him were, “Quit staring you freak!” And he received news that, he and his wife were unlikely to conceive, from a doctor who seemed unable to say the word “sperm”.

Like tens of thousands of couples in Australia, discovering that he and wife Susie’s chances of conceiving a child were nearly impossible led to a long and emotional journey. After a five year roller coaster ride of heartbreak and hope, their son Tyson was born in 2009. This led to a whole new life stage marked by moments nothing short of hilarious.

“Well I think that you should buy this DVD simply because the Herald Sun recognised it contained a “very funny Justin Bieber jibe”, do you need another reason?” Luke Holt

“a very funny Justin Bieber jibe” – Herlad Sun


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