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Angela Lockwood

Angela is the Founder of Educate Therapy, a consulting practice bridging the gap between the health and education systems, as well as the author of “The Power of Conscious Choice” and “Switch Off” and the host of "A Kid's Life" Podcast. Her programs ‘The Holistic Classroom’ and ‘Parent Masterclasses’ are all aimed to help us adults better understand the needs of kids

Drawing upon years of experience as an Occupational Therapist, Corporate and Business Mentor, Angela Lockwood is Australia’s leading authority on creating calm classrooms, kids and families.

After fracturing her skull in a hockey game, Angela had to relearn how to talk and looked at life differently. This experience inspired her to study Occupational Therapy to help people.

Angela Lockwood books

These books show how slowing down, switching off and creating space in our lives is good for both our health and our productivity. With studies showing a constantly switched on culture affecting the social development of children, the mental health of teenagers and burnout being experienced in working adults, these books dispels the guilt that comes with taking time for yourself and shows how simple it is to switch between being ‘on’ and taking much needed breaks to re-energise and re-focus.


Through the A Kid's Life podcast Angela Lockwood’s goal is to help adults better understand the complexities of life as a kid. Angela and her guests share stories, reflections and simple strategies to support kids of all needs as they walk through life. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, direction, guidance, tips or just a laugh, A Kid's Life Podcast is the place for you. 

With a commitment to forging new and innovative paths Angela was the National Manager of Community Engagement for the roll-out of engagement and capacity building programs for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and was CEO of the child safety organisation Kidsafe (NT).

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