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Time Stylers specialises in helping successful, time poor individuals manage their time smarter. As a leading voice on productivity, goal setting and designing your best life, Kate Christie consults on productivity, maximising individual time spend, and combatting organisational drag through smart time investment strategies.

In the early 2000’s in a successful career as a lawyer Kate had the ‘no more’ moment after missing cupcake day at her son’s school. From connecting businesswomen to help in the house she birthed her first book to assist mothers everywhere manage their limited time.

November 2014 Me Time: The professional woman’s guide to finding 30 guilt-free hours a month was published and pushed Kate into the limelight as an expert and time strategist.

Me first Kate Christie

Kate’s books:

Me First - Packed with practical exercises, proven techniques and life-changing stories, “Me First” will not only help you recover your lost time but will help you recover your lost self. 

  • Find 30 hours of lost time a month
  • Maximise your productivity at home and work
  • Reject Mothers' Guilt, Imposter Syndrome and being a ‘Superwoman’
  • Understand exactly what your habits are really costing you
  • Set and smash audacious goals

SMART Time Investment for Business - Kate Christie’s 3rd book provides 128 short, sharp productivity strategies to help business owners and entrepreneurs invest their time with intent for the greatest possible return. And learn from some of the very best in business who have shared their stories with Kate about how they use their time to generate their success.

SMART Time Management for Doctors - , you’ll notice a number of exercises you can complete to help you better understand your approach to time management and how you can implement my tools to increase your productivity.

Authenticity is one of Kate's greatest assets. She provides practical advice that can be implemented for immediate time gains. She focuses on ensuring her audience is educated, entertained and left with a lasting impact on the way they choose to live, work and play. Everything Kate does is intelligently, strategically and enthusiastically focused on maximising your time so you can live the life you love.

“In 2021, off the back of my fourth book, ‘Me First: The Guilt-Free Guide to Prioritising You’, I launched the Me First Work/Life’Style’ group program to teach women how to overcome limiting beliefs, find hours of lost time, then invest it for a brilliant life. It’s for women with older kids who can say, ‘Enough! My turn now.’ And it’s for younger women who need to know not to leave it too late to start putting your wants, dreams and career first.

Coaching thousands of people around the world has given me laser focus on how to find and invest time to create your greatest life. It’s a gift I’d love to share with you via proven, replicable strategies.

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