The journey from South Sudan to a refugee camp in Uganda was not easy for Atong and her family. 

“We faced [many] challenges, like the outbreak of diseases, lions or wild animals attacking, and then even rebels attacked people,” she says. “So, we lost some of our families. Like me, I lost my dad. I came here with my mum.”

While they’re safe in Uganda, Atong and thousands of children like her face a new threat: hunger.

Yet your support can help to feed hungry children like Atong, helping them to focus at school and build a better future.

“When there is no food, we can just sit there bored because we are feeling the hunger,” she says. “But when there’s food, we eat, and we can understand and participate in class!”

For Take Away Hunger Day your Luke and Susie Community is partnering with Feed The Hungry to help children like Atong. Your gift of just $6 can feed a hungry child for an entire month. Give today!