FEED THE HUNGRY is a non-profit Christian organisation dedicated to a vision of a world where people, and in particular children, no longer suffer crippling hunger

Everyone deserves to live a full life. To know what it feels like to live without hunger. Without illness. Without fear. To believe that their life matters. And that they too can hope for a better future.

This is why Feed the Hungry exists so that others can live. It’s a fact. A full life feels good.

Through nourishing meals and an opportunity to know Jesus Christ, Feed the Hungry offers the worlds’ hungriest and most vulnerable the chance to live. Through Feed The Hungry, the world’s most vulnerable children can live full lives.

But we can’t do this alone. Once a hungry child enters a Feed The Hungry feeding program, they spend an average of 6-8 years receiving food, spiritual guidance, and an education. And while all of the food we distribute is donated by partners, getting that food into the hands of hungry kids and their families—as well as sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with them—takes the support of Full Life Monthly Partners.

Today over 400,000 children in 23 countries receive a hot and nutritious meal everyday in a school environment through the “Full Life” feeding program.

Website: https://feedthehungry.org.au/