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Give someone the gift of sight for only $33 this Miracles Day

Give someone the gift of sight for only $33 this Miracles Day

On Miracles Day, Thursday 18 August, join Luke and Susie and help give the miracle of sight to those living in poverty.

 All it takes is $33, a 12-minute surgery and YOU to restore sight for someone with cataracts – changing their life forever.   


Your $33 gift could give the Miracle of sight to someone like 9-year-old Sabina who had cataracts in both eyes – preventing her from attending school.

Cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness in developing countries. Although straightforward to treat, people are living needlessly blind because can’t afford eye-care and surgery.

Your gift of $33 today can change someone’s life forever!

This year, Luke and Susie’s goal is to give 50 Miracle gifts of sight-saving surgery.

A Miracle is a $33 gift that gives someone blind from cataracts the simple 12-minute sight-saving surgery needed to restore their sight. Blindness to sight in 12-minutes… a Miracle.

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