As I sit in business support groups one of the most common topics of conversations is the retention and recruitment of staff. Simply, the staff you have are wanting more money and more flexible hours and those you are trying to hire are pricing themselves (or setting conditions) beyond what you would expect to pay for their skills, experience, and roll.

It is a headache for business owners, and it is potentially a goldrush for moving employees.

However, as I spoke to Andrew Thonemann from Christian Jobs ( I was fascinated with the concept of finding a way to seek employees who are chasing culture and purpose over money and perks. Such people exist, in fact I have worked with some of the most incredible humans like this over the past twenty years.

Now, this is not to say as a business owner we want to pay our staff as little as possible but when they are seeking purpose and value, and we are offering purpose and value, then negotiations and fair compensation are much easier to find.

When the opportunity to partner with Christian Jobs came about, I was intrigued with the concept but after this conversation I was thrilled with the prospect of helping purpose driven employees find the place where they might just make a difference each day, and helping the purpose and culture driven employers find the right people to drive their business into the sweet spot making a difference for their staff, clients, and customers.

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