Founded in 2001, Destiny Rescue’s story began with founder and international president Tony Kirwan.

Today, Destiny Rescue’s work has grown into a worldwide organisation. They serve to help amplify the voices of both those who are enslaved and have been freed from abuse.

Our mission is to rescue children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and help them stay free.

They do this through rescue operations, reintegration programs, and prevention efforts. Destiny Rescue are active in countries where the need to save is great. Because of their committed supporters, their rescue and reintegration staff are bringing freedom, hope and healing to children around the clock – day and night!

A child’s rescue from the sex trade means nothing if we cannot keep her from falling back into that place of exploitation. The process of keeping her free starts immediately after her rescue by meeting whatever needs she has that allow her to take the first steps toward freedom. From there, the path looks different because each child’s needs are different. One of three things typically happens next:

  • Family Reunification
  • Transitional Homes
  • Residential Homes
  • Path to Freedom Plans

Reintegration is a child’s safe return to an independent life as intended. Destiny Rescue team members will walk the path of freedom with a child for up to 12 months to ensure she stays free. This ongoing relationship allows us to check in on her progress, identify new concerns or vulnerabilities, and provide encouragement along the way. During this time we often earn the right to share the good news of the gospel with them.