Crying Baby vs Unwanted Houseguest

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  1. I do love listening to the both of you as I do delivery driving Monday Wednesday and Fridays so from the time you start to the time I finish I get to listen to you for a two and a half 3 1/2 hours. Having listened to look back during the Luke and Lucy days seeing him at the light comedy gala laughing like crazy because he’s such a funny man don’t get too big a head Luke. Your passions your excitement your fun and frivolity you’re having a go at each other it’s all great to listen to. What I would really love to ask you though is if you could do me a favour as I mentioned in one of my answers my wife and I are going to Japan as missionaries in July as a matter of fact we are called connecting Japan and we have a page on Facebook you would be great if you could look it up and follow it all like it or just share it around your friends cos we need to get high profile to be able to raise the funding we need to get there and stay there. Have a truly blessed evening and I look forward to listening to you in about an hour from now

  2. I have way more patience for a crying baby. Babies can be soothed, reasoned with, disciplined or at the last resort – ignored. You can’t do that with an unwanted guest!

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