James Nestor- Breath: A Science of a Lost Art

Mel Fry

We are speaking with breathing expert James Nestor. I never thought we’d do a whole podcast on how to breathe…we’ve been doing it since birth, but this is fascinating! No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, how skinny or young or wise you are, none of it matters if you’re not breathing properly.   There is nothing more … Read More

Episode 311: Shannah Kennedy & Lyndall Mitchell on turning chaos into calm

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Authors, motivational speakers and life coaches Shannah Kennedy & Lyndall Mitchell have helped many people and had successful careers separately. Now they have come together to form a new business and write the book Chaos To Calm: Take Control with Confidence. If you’re feeling tired, stressed, out of control, overwhelmed or suffering from low self-confidence, the book looks at 16 of the most essential … Read More

Episode 308: Psychiatrist Dr Diana Korevaar on using mindfulness practices to help parents calm down, connect and reframe challenges

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Dr Diana Korevaar is a psychiatrist currently working in the areas of women’s mental health, pregnancy and perinatal psychiatric disorders. Her new book Mindfulness for Mums and Dads: Proven strategies for calming down and connecting provides parents with practical tools to actively re-connect and re-engage with each other and their children. If you’re a parent living life on auto-pilot, fulfilling one demand … Read More