Life is a journey and so is personal style, according to our guest in this episode, from This Is It Style, Kerry Sharplin. Kerry is currently an image consultant, but life started out quite differently with an early career as a teacher. Some great gems of wisdom demonstrate that though what she does might be different, her dreams remain the same. We explore how important personal style is, the unexpected twists that can come to our lives and how we communicate love.

Luke also responds to a challenge, given by Susie in a radio show, to do 15 minutes of medium to high intensity exercise. Just 15 minutes.


“Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

“Choose to be present in the moment”
“Always bring your “A” game”
“Live with intention”

Family bike ride

Low: The fight to protect family time when husband’s work is demanding more work
High: Being together on a peaceful Christmas morning at home

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Here’s the torturous 15 minute HIIT session that Luke and Susie attempted with exercises that barely resembled what you see in this footage:
If you want to Keep it 100 with 3for3, here’s the song from Luke and Susie’s radio show segment Music With a Message:

Kerry’s recommended book is one that is high on Luke and Susie’s favourites list. If you’d like a copy, you can get one here:

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts
By Gary D Chapman


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