You never know when a moment is coming that will change your life. For our guest today, it was a simple school drop off that started the journey towards extraordinary. Two years after that conversation, Heidi Quatro went from school mum to Asia Pacific Figure Masters Champion, representing Australia in the World Championships, placing fourth. The nature of that initial conversation surprised us, as did our whole conversation with Heidi, which turned into a motivational chat about getting the right voices in our life.

We also have the follow up to Susie’s trailer reversing challenge. She went in keen to get it right first time. Unfortunately, enthusiasm doesn’t get the job done. Spoiler alert – she gets the trailer reversed into the driveway, just not so conventionally. The big surprise of the day was the six year old heckler who took the role of protector of the mailbox.


Heidi and her husband, Rob, are part of: Team 360 Health

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