For others of us, however, pregnancy brings with it a whole new set of challenges.  Personally, I have enjoyed the thicker hair – that’s been a treat.  And my hair seems to keep its shape a lot longer and take a bit less maintenance.  However, on other fronts, my body is not joining in with the whole concept of the ‘joys of pregnancy’.

My nails are brittle and my skin, though not completely blotchy, has not found perfection. As for the pregnancy glow, well it seems dimmed by the thick wad of hair that is growing on my face making me look more like Groucho Marx than a pregnant Heidi Klum.

I have pondered much on the effect of how important feeling attractive in pregnancy really is.  Then I realized it’s compounded even more.  Not only am I physically effected on the outside, but I am experiencing also dizziness in pregnancy, leaving me making less sense than ever.  And, to top things all off, there seems to be an increase in, how do I put this delicately, my gassy emissions.  Add to this my sleeping difficulties of frequently leaving the bed throughout the night to visit the rest room, and suddenly I wonder how my husband has survived the last nine months!

As my journey towards childbirth approaches, I started wondering whether I should treat myself to something that would make me feel a little more beautiful.  A good old waxing!  In passing I asked Luke what he thought.  His answer was simple.  He said “Well, it might make it a bit more pleasant for those of us who have to watch you give birth.”  Yep….. sensitively said, darling!

With his very strong cue in mind, today I’ve taken the leap and booked myself in for a waxing.  In a couple of days, I’m going to put myself through agony so that, when the agony of birth arrives, it’s more pleasant for everyone who has to watch.

Ahhh….. the things we women do!