We are rightfully concerned about the increased cost of living in Australia and we are impacted by the rising cost of fuel, and let us avoid talking about lettuce.

However, in Sri Lanka the situation is out of control. Except, with the help of Mukti Australia and Wings of Hope there is a way we can do something about it.

For $26 we can feed an entire family for a week. I will pay $26 for a single meal by myself at a pub, or a simple Uber Eats kebab and chips+ delivery. But an entire family can eat nutriciously for a week in a way they couldn’t without our help.

We certainly have our challenges but can we urge you to determine how many families you could give some respite to and give them another week of food and then make that donation.

A gift of $260 will feed 10 entire families is one of the hardest times in the troubled history of such a beautiful contry with incredible beautiful people.