Aidan Grimes has personally led 124 Kokoda Treks in PNG and remains the only Kokoda operator to have a 100% success rate.Has worked extensively with Youth at Risk, both here in Australia and overseas with various reputable agencies including the British SAS and ADF. Also worked or working with the Brisbane Broncos, Hawthorn Football Club, Geelong, AIS Olympic Kayak team, QLD Cycling and the NSW Cricket team.

Success within your chosen tribe (be that your family, community or your place of work) is achieved by being the best person you can be today with the skills you have today. It’s about contributing all that you have to give. But many of us don’t know what “giving all we have” is, as we’ve never pushed ourselves beyond what we thought was possible.

Aidan speaks to Luke about the challenge but also experiencing nature and challenging ourselves to live MORE.