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Alex Lloyd – Trojan Horse & House of Dreams

Alex Lloyd – Trojan Horse & House of Dreams

With countless albums, concert tickets sold, multiple awards and honors bestowed, Alex Lloyd is one of the best singer-songwriters Australia has ever produced.

His songs have moved us for over 20 years and played important moments in music lover’s lives.

His new single “Trojan Horse” is a dark, but soulful song that has hints of his classic “Black The Sun”, with its electronic and acoustic instrumentation. It is a reminder of Alex’s brilliant edgy talent and evolving creative mantra.

According to Alex, “I feel like I am in a place as a producer and instrumentalist to fully explore every angle. I feel the EP with Trojan Horse as the lead track will be a journey in restraint…less is more, space is king. Sentiment is everything…”.

He started to write “House Of Dreams” around the same time he wrote “Trojan Horse”. 

My world was a little all over the place post COVID. I was depressed, and like many others in my industry and in general, my whole world had been turned upside down. So, for me, “House of Dreams” was a safe harbor – nothing ‘make believe’ or considered to be ‘fantasy’ was off limits. I was writing about a place like Hollywood appears to be in the movies… with people living a dream life.”  he said.

This is a reference to being so in love that it enables you to soar – not only being in love with the people you love, but also in love with the life you are living.

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