On the podcast today we are speaking with an amazing lady, author and speaker, Debra Pascoe.

Debra threw herself into writing during the first lockdown in April. And as she received the first printed copies of her book, Melbourne went into its second round of lockdown.

Now, as Melburnians face each new day with anxiety and uncertainty, Debra Pascoe wants to share how she “kept her head above water” in 2014 when she experienced loss on an unimaginable scale. Her husband survived a heart attack, they celebrated the purchase of their dream home, he revealed his infidelity, then took his life – all within a space of 4 months. That was 6 years ago but her fluctuating emotions during COVID felt strangely familiar because as she explains, “grief is grief, no matter what the loss.”

Time helps, but healing requires you to do the work. The work she did – from mindset to coffee, from writing lists to studying fiduciary duty, from boxing to food, from comedy to music – helped her heal in stages. To finally live again.

We’ll chat to her about her new book, VIVE! as she will share her story of recovery, to give others hope and promise, in a difficult time.

More details at her website: https://www.debrapascoe.com/