He’s the Irish lad who beat Jessica Mauboy for the title of Australian Idol in 2006. A decade later, with 8 albums under his belt, Damien Leith is hitting the road, bring his Roy Orbison inspired show to regional audiences.


0 – 2:37 minute mark- Luke and Susie introduction and commercial.

2:38 minute mark – Guest Trish and the ladies who knitt full outfits for elephants, crazy or not?

8:00 minute mark – commercial.

8:34 minute mark – Guest Irish-Australian singer-songwriter and 2006 Australian Idol Damien Leith.

10:04 minute mark – The Irish accent.

11:16 minute mark – wanting to lose the accent to adapt.

12:07 minute mark – Damien’s versatility in singing, new show and tours.

13:00 minute mark – Damien using eyeglasses…

13:51 minute mark – Keeping Roy Orbison’s music alive.

14:44 minute mark – incredible feeling of working with people who actually worked with Roy Orbison.-Damien

15:37 minute mark – “Not many voices can do justice on Roy Orbison’s songs but you can”

17:20 minute mark – it takes 4-5 octaves to sing a Roy Orbison song! I’d rather falsetto – Damien

18:00 minute mark – Damien perfectly hitting Ray Orbison’s “Crying”.

19:07 minute mark – an average person has an octave and a half, Damien’s?

20:00 minute mark – Damien’s ritual before every show!

21:34 minute mark – Damien’s place is in Sydney.

23:00 minute mark – Roy Orbison “The Tribute Show”

23:52 minute mark – Damien mostly make tours without the family due to long drive

24:20 minute mark – favorite song: Oh Pretty Woman

25:50 minute mark – A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and had a post graduate experience in research.

28:18 minute mark – Closing Part.

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