Luke and Susie explore:

Don’t get proud: From 2017: As we sat on the deck having family brekky, I looked over at one of my sons and was so proud to see him improving his skills in using his knife and fork. He’s been working at it and has been getting better and better. I was just about to tell him how proud I was when I saw him face plant the plate and pick up some bacon with his teeth… twice. #notwinningatparenting

Discussion: Go-to self-care technique

The Couch: We have been so protective of the new couch, then it was me who spilt half a fresh cup over the couch and panic cleaned. Can’t imagine the relief when there was no stain

Discussion: Is ‘out-of-sight-out-of-mind’ a real thing?

Cleaning is Dangerous: When cleaning the kids room, I smashed my toe, cut my arm, broke a lava lamp, then spilled water from the counter-top filter. Deep cleans for me are just a chance to injur myself in new ways. When Luke deep cleans, it’s sexy