Today on the podcast we are chatting to author and business relationship guru, Matt Bird. As a child he grappled with dyslexia, before writing 12 books and is now wanting to help others become authors.  He believes everyone has “a book in them”.

Matt was challenged to write a book during a conversation with one  of his clients, who is an author of business books. Since then, Matt has gone on to  write 12 books and is also a regular columnist for The Times newspaper. 

He has now launched a 100 day course called “Writing My Book”

Writing My Book is a 100-day course where Matt will coach a small group of budding  authors. Starting in January 2021, Matt says that a group environment helps  encourage people to make their first step into book writing.  

To take part or for more information, register online for ‘Writing My Book’: or contact  Matt Bird to start your journey as an author: