I’m no green thumb, by any means.  Cactii tremble at the thought of being cared for by me.  It’s a gene that I just didn’t get.
I don’t understand plant language.  All the products in the shop that are supposed to help me care for my plants look like gobbledygook when I read them.  All I want is something to come along that says, “if you use this, it’ll make your plants do well”.
Enter Scotts Osmocote Boost + Feed.  It’s not complicated.  It hooks onto a hose, I point and I spray.  The language on the bottle even tells me that I don’t have to discriminate on where I use it.  “All Outdoor Plants, including Natives”.  That’s right.  I can point and spray this at anything and it will help.
With a product like this, my brown thumb turns a vague kind of teal colour, giving the illusion that maybe I could one day have a thumb that is green.
Scotts Osmocote