Drawing upon extensive research and his own personal experience as a conservationist, ecologist and author Simon Mustoe takes the reader on a fascinating journey through some of the planet’s most spectacular wildlife events, to learn how the world works, the origin of life and our place in nature. 

In the past fifty years we’ve killed three quarters of the creatures needed to keep ecosystems healthy. We treat wild animals like the ‘icing on the cake’ when wildlife is the only reason we exist at all. The more we try to control wildlife, the worse we make things. We have a choice: create the global change in values, needed to allow wildlife to rebuild a more habitable world, or succumb to the power of nature.

This popular-science book tells the untold story of how wildlife conservation is about become our greatest and only chance to ensure a habitable Earth. And how we can reframe our view of our own importance and role in making a better future.

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