What is grief? Is it depression? Do you now have PTSD? Does it have 5 stages with the final outcome Acceptance?
No, no and NO! It is NOT depression or a disorder and it does not have prescriptive stages, with the end point Acceptance.

It’s sadness. A human condition we are equipped to deal with and grow from.

Grief. Trauma. Loss.

20 years reduced to this?

Absolute Rock Bottom. What now?

Find a way I kept telling myself. Help yourself so you can help others…after years of learning to manage her grief, Debra Pascoe now helps others do the same.

If you’re ready to move forward, to do the work and reset your life, my new 12-week course may be the path for you.

Debra Pascoe: The author of A Cup of Black Coffee, When There’s Nothing Left Savour Something speaks with Luke about defining your grief. Find out more about how Debra Pascoe and her team can help you through your trauma and grief with her 12 Week Course.