It’s a romantic theme on Episode 2 of Luke and Susie. Special guest, Cameron Semmens, joins the fun. A performance poet by trade, Cameron shares vulnerably about the poetic advantage in love, the disadvantage in finances and the interesting new opportunities in raising the next generation of young poets. We explore the question of recent romance experiences with a freshly dubbed Knight of the Round Table, Lynette, and take a deeper look at a love song that is more about writer’s block. How do lipstick and hairy legs feature in boardgames? It seems games night has taken a turn in the Holt household.


A book on astronomy with images

“Be boldly vulnerable” and “The most intimate is, at the same time, the most universal”

Going to the beach or wrestling

Low: Being sick
High: Enjoying the new role as “Poet in Residence” at a school

Find out more about performance poet, Cameron Semmens and his books here: Cameron Semmens

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