The final Kindy Concert of our parenting career happens next week. 

In just over a week, we will find out if we have achieved something that only a few of us get to achieve:  an entire kindergarten career with twins without a single, active participation in a performance.

The twins have been in childcare for two years.  In that time, there have been Easter performances, Mother’s Day Performances, Father’s Day, Mid-year Concert and Christmas performances.  To date, the most active participation we’ve had from either of them, is to stand absolutely still.  Both of them.   Correction, there have been nose picks, which always brings a special kind of pride.  Otherwise, nuthin’!

Now, I’m sure this is more common than I’m making it out to be.  Sometimes it seems like a cruel form of torture to make children stand in front of a crowd and sing, dance or speak, especially when most adults baulk at the thought.  But not one?  Not one half-mouthed, semi-song  from even just one of them?

Am I disappointed?  Not at all.  Though Luke and I both talk publicly for a living, my sons’ success in life is not judged by whether they perform on demand. 

Having said that, I’m now kind of gunning for them to not sing and dance.  A perfect kindy non-participation record. Just over a week til we find out if they have it in them to be those kinds of pre-school rebels together. 

To be honest, there’s even a part of me hoping for a nose pick.