Sometimes interviews don’t go at all where you expect them to. We thought, “We’ll talk to Adam Brand about his life and his music and his tour”. Instead, we discovered a phantom story that keeps finding him, his alternative suggestions for the Golden Guitar and how he actually won Dancing With The Stars (nb. It wasn’t by dancing well). Adam Brand is a truly likable character and with twelve Golden Guitars and multiple Aria Award nominations, he’s clearly a shining talent in his field. We find out a bit about his roots, as we sort fact from fiction about his life. There’s loads of laughs along the way as we catch up with Adam in this episode.

An experience of #mumlife gets Luke and Susie talking about the challenges of their roles as mum and dad. The saying has always been, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but today it’s, “An apple today nearly drove Susie to scream like a banshee”.


Faith-based fiction

“Follow your passions”

Spending time together

Low: The funeral of a family friend
High: A very special story art project

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