It’s a special episode as we launch a special month, with loads of giveaways and a chance to win a getaway.

Partnering in this month of Giving Love Away, is Feed The Hungry and their director, Ben Evans, joins us today to talk about the critical work of Feed the Hungry, working across developing nations. In this interview, we discover that providing food for children in refugee camps and orphanages does more than just fill their bellies, but it enables them to have an education, which provides the opportunity for a different future for them and their children. We learn that it costs just $6 to feed 100 children. $6. One hundred children. We also learn that Ben has a competitive streak and seems to enjoy embarrassing his children.

The details of how you can get involved, even if it’s just to download your free e-book and ep, are also discussed.


The Bible and a book by Ray McCauley

“Never wear your socks out in the rain.” The Fonz


Low: School resuming, almost like empty nest, but in the car
High: Son commencing high school

Find out more about Feed the Hungry’s Food and a Bible program: Food and a Bible
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