Dave Ingham is a henkeeping expert who first started keeping chooks as an impoverished uni student, when he and his mates planted a mega veggie garden – chickens were a natural extension. From there he started a rent-a-chook business that allows people to “try keeping chickens before they buy”. His new book Backyard Chickens: How to keep happy hens explains how keeping chooks is no longer for those with farms or large properties. Savvy urbanites can keep chooks too.

4:47 – Alison Hill – The author of Stand Out talks about when to seek, listen to, or ignore advice from others,

11:13 – Dave Ingham from Rent-A-Chook and the author of raising chickens.

15:01 – Myth Busters about raising chickens. Luke challenges Dave about his negative perceptions

21:56 – Dave introduces chickens to a family with a Doberman with unexpected results.

24:33 – Dave takes offence to the label “The Chicken Guy” but they negotiate their way to a new title.

25:40 – Selling tooth files for chickens led to a lengthy back an forth with a customer.



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